Source Code

By Lex Li

This article describes the technical details on the code base.

In this article:

Source Code Repository

The latest source code can be found on GitHub .

Build Environment in AppVeyor

The configuration file AppVeyor.yml shows the basic information on how to compile the code base,

  • Use Visual Studio 2013 image.

  • Run dist.release.bat to create release build.

The artifacts are the installers for testing.

Local Environment for Development

You might set up a local development environment to match AppVeyor’s Visual Studio 2013 image.

  • A Visual Studio release (VS2013 and above recommanded) to work on the C# projects.

  • A Visual Studio release (VS2013 and above recommended) to build the installer projects.

  • Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5.

C# Projects

The C# projects are the core assemblies to extend IIS Manager functionality,

  • Server is the extension server which provides access to PHP configuration.

  • Client is the extension client which implements UI elements in IIS Manager.

  • PowerShell provides PowerShell snapin support.

  • Setup Helper is a custom action for installation.

Installer Project

The installer project uses WiX toolset. To work on it, the following dependencies must be installed,

  • WiX Toolset (3.11.1 and above)

  • WiX Toolset Visual Studio Extension (if you use Visual Studio)